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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> yeah, cool start as we are seeing cool skies across the bay area and temperatures in the 40s. 48 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco is at 51. looking at highs today up to 73 degrees in the east bay. 74 in the north bay. san francisco will stay in the upper 6 o0s with the light wind and sunshine also in the tri-valley. i'll show you the rest of the microclimate forecast, including easter weekend. that's coming up. mike's tracking the approach to the bay bridge. >> that's right, kari. we have the unusual backup and in that backup i have reports of a hit and run crash. i don't see it. looks like everything has cleared from those lanes. everybody tells you about anything they saw over at the toll plaza just before 6:00 make sure they call the chp. you the slow down right there at that pacific scene, but the east shore freeway and the maze all moving well. in fact, the rest of the bay moves very well and typical build starting over in the tri-valley and over here hayward down towards newark for the bay.
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that's the nimitz freeway. to you. breaking news. an hour's long standoff in san francisco east finally over. this is new video. you see the suspect there being taken into custody in a wheelchair. police say it all started when officers responded to a call of a suicidal man. when police arrived, they found the suspect's wife had been stabbed twice. she was rushed to the hospital. is pected to pervive. but that is when the standoff began. it happened on underwood avenue in the bay view district. kris sanchez is gathering more information and join us with an update at 6:30. happening later today a special honor for michael johnson and his family. officer johnson was shot and killed while on duty one year ago today. >> in just a few hours, the city will officially dedicate a major stretch of highway 87 to the fallen officer. "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose today. sure to be an emotional day for the and, of course, his family. that's a memorable stretch for
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them. >> it is, laura and sam. this stretch of highway 87 is special for the johnson family because back in the 1990s when it was under construction, michael johnson before he became a police officer used to ride on this with his bicycle with his mother. later this morning, a few hours from now, the san jose police department along with the city and state will dedicate this stretch and rename it the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. and the stretch we're referring to is the of highway 87 between interstate 285. the new name posted on signs that will go up alongside the road this is to honor officer johnson who if you recall and mentioned was killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. he and his fellow officers are responding to reports of a suicidal man in an apartment complex on center road. unfortunately, that man was armed. he shot and killed officer johnson. he was killed. the suspect, when another
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officer returned fire. now, this stretch of highway 87 is special to the johnson family. they took a resolution and the state legislature to name this section after officer johnson. the dedication ceremony taking place later this morning at 10:00 at the great parkway police substation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." now to our coverage out of brussels. belgium media reporting that a second seme have been involved in the subway attack and is still at large. meantime, the search for the man in light clothing here continues. he's one of three suspects wanted for two bombings inside of a brussels airport. 31 people were killed in total. more than 200 others injured. now, days after the attack, there is still confusion over a missing american couple. justin and stephanie shults have not been heard from since they dropped stephanie's mother off at theles airport moments before the attack. last night a family member
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tweeted the state department and said they had been located but later clarified that information is incorrect. the couple is from the south, but they were living and traveling abroad in europe and a brother and sister from new york are also unaccounted for. at 6:04, the alleged mastermind behind the terror attacks in pair is expected in court. salah abdeslam was arrested last week. many believe the capture could be related to the brussels attack. french officials will try to extradite him back to paris. 130 people were killed in those attacks in paris last november. our coverage continues throughout this newscast. we'll have a live report from brussels coming up in our next half hour. also get the latest information any time at these two toddlers scene here safe this morning but their mother is in jail. it's a bizarring child's story out of san francisco. the mother's story just doesn't add up. 26-year-old jones reported that
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her kids were missing on tuesday night. she claims that she dropped her kids off with a friend and that they disappeared. well, after an investigation, police booked jones on child endangerment charges and possession of drugs. her two girls were found at st. francis hospital yesterday afternoon where police say that the mother's friend had dropped off. a san francisco tour bus driver is on defenses. an investigation revealed it was operator error that led to a dramatic crash last november. the bus barreling out of control for several blocks. it was all caught on video. investigators say the driver likely panicked and mistook the accelerator for the brake. yesterday, kenneth malvar defended his driving. >> they said i didn't know my gas pedal and brake ped. to me, that's absurd. i know my pedals on the vehicle. >> malvar was cited for speeding. he has hired an attorney. 19 people were injured in that crash. the so-called bearded bandit is behind bars. he is accused of robbing nearly
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a dozen banks across the bay area. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us and, steph, authorities should release more information later today o, including the fact that he was spotted while a little shopping. >> yeah, that's right, sam and laura. expecting that from brentwood or concord police. what we do know is that the fbi and a dozen local law enforcement agencies were looking for the same guy for weeks and they did catch that break last night when a viewer spotted the picture on local tv news and recognized the man and then called in the tip to police who found and arrested this so-called bearded bandit at a safeway in brentwood last night. investigators believe this is the same man responsible for robberies from as far north as sacramento county down to gilroy in santa clara county. in addition to one failed robbery and casings of several banks. this all began february 12th with the robbery of a chase bank in fremont to most recently we're talking just this past monday, two bank robberies one
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in lafayette and one in rio vista. the fbi had asked for help in identifying this man who had the same call method in each of these robberies giving the bank teller a note demand and pulling it out of the same black bag and never showing or threatening to have a weapon on him and making a calm exit. we don't know how much money was taken from the banks. we're talking tens of thousands of dollars and expecting to get an update from local police later this morning. stephanie chaung, "today in the bay." coyote concerns a top issue at san francisco city hall. reports and encounters are up in parts of the city. last week a coyote killed a family dog at bbalboa. they have posted warning signs but some residents feel that is not enough. park and rec representatives will attend today's meetings to address the concerns of residents. they can't go back home. tenants are fighting to return to their apartments that are literally hanging off the edge of a cliff.
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last night tenants argued the building is still standing and they want to go home. many tenants say they're now homeless but after hours of testimony, commissioners voted to deny the appeal saying life would be in danger. >> from what we saw in the written and verbal presentations here, it does appear that it is an unsafe structure at this point. >> many tenants now say they're homeless. the building owner says he plans to appeal the commission's decision. 6:08 right now and as we mention we're just seeing a string of beautiful weather this week. that will continue again today. >> which is perfect right in time for easter. will we have a nice weekend? >> we will have a beautiful weekend and few changes for easter sunday. now as we take a look at our weather now. cool morning. very pleasant afternoon. by lunchtime, you'll want to take it outside. we'll be at 64 degrees in the south bay. also in the tri-valley and then as you home from work, it will
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be a beautiful, sunny day. nice and comfortable. 73 degrees in the north bay. 68 degrees in the peninsula and 66 degrees in san francisco. now, we'll continue to track the weather for the weekend and i'll talk about those changes coming up in than ten minutes. let's get an update on what's happening in the north bay now with mike. >> kari, first start with san jose and north bay. san jose show typical slowing for 101 and a crash south 680 around alan rock. that does not seem to be a problem except for the pickup truck and minivan involved in that crash. tri-valley and eastbound show through hayward and union city and no surprises there. there's the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights on and a new crash reported just out of san rafael over towards that richmond san rafael bridge. more details as chp arrives and traffic in the north bay as kari was talking about. moving very well. there's your look, guys. back to you. coming up, uber wants you to hack into its system and the xaemp is willing to pay up to make it happen.
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the story next. signs affa slow down possibly in san francisco and the huge shakeup ahead for yahoo!. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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6:12 on a thursday morning. hack uber and get paid. the san francisco company wants hackers to break into their systems. you have to uncover security issues and find a bug and report it to uber and you will be rewarded up to $10,000. the hacking reward program and it will last 90 days. >> looking for glitches there. no glitch here. we may knnow know who will open the iphone for the fbi. >> it is not apple. >> apple does not want to. the fbi said it has found another company. a third party to do that work and looking at a special federal contractor's database, there is a contract with an israeli company called signed just one day before the fbi had announced
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it had found that third party. the deal's for just $15,000 which seems odd. either way a lot of people think it is the company that is going to do the hack. an israeli newspaper also claims it's confirmed that. we're not with that track record so we can't pass that on to you. back here at home, some evidence that san francisco's hot commercial real estate market may be cooling. companies like twitter are sub leasing their office space. a new study says sub leases in san francisco are at their highest rate since 2010. extra space, empty space is one of those things they're going to look for when we look for signs of a slow down. some dribs and drabs of layoffs to tell you about, as well. 3d robotics are cutting jobs, according to market watch and pebble which makes smartwatches lays off a quarter of its staff today. smart watches face two problems. lots of companies making them, but there are few people who seem to want one.
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i gave you a heads up on this yesterday and today is the day. ventures just nominated an entire new board for yahoo! launching a fight to potentially ends with yahoo! leaders out on the street. the slate of candidates include a former nbc executive. they'll take that to shareholders in june for a vote. yes or no. if that new board is voted in, they will no doubt, sam and laura, dismantle the company, sell the pieces of yahoo! to the highest bidders and in the makings at yahoo! this morning and this is going to take several months to work its way out. it should be interest tag watch. >> very much so. then to see the newly restructured yahoo!. whatever it will be. >> what happen to marissa mayer in that circumstance. something to watch out for right now? the latest statue. >> the latest wax figure at madame tussauds. >> unveiling the newly created figure of warriors sensation
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steph curry. of course, wax of steph curry. guess who is supposed to be there to see it. the real steph curry. already pretty sure that that museum hit nothing but net on this idea but it is supposed to show curry dribbling in his trademark warriors jersey. the cost to make that statue, $350,000. >> can you imagine all the people that are going to be posing by it. >> right. trying to slow him down. i wanted his michael jordan even have his own wax figure? >> i bet he does. >> that's the echelon we're looking at right now. >> pretty fascinating how they come up with those. >> we are all going to check it out and take selfies with steph. >> there you go, kari. >> you and i are heading to the park later. we're heading to the park and show off our skills. >> we have some great weather for going to the park or no matter what you want to do. we have a start, though, as you head out this morning.
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so, you may have to turn on the heater in the car for just a few minutes and knock the chill out of the air and then look at how we warm up today. we're up to 71 degrees in cupertino and san mateo 67 degrees and the financial district 68 degrees and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, we will have a cool down for the start of next week. enjoy this while it lasts. above average the north bay, as well as the east bay. fremont today up to 71 degrees. and we still have some melting snow but quite on the ground. at the summit we have 161 inches of snow and at the base we still have 65 inches of snow at squaw valley. we will have a change in this pattern that may bring in a little bit more snow for the sierra, but the bay area looks to stay dry as high pressure continues to keep those weather systems and the jet stream well to the north. this carries those areas of low pressure and allows for some rain to drop in. we will have that low dropping
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in from the north. kind of an interior-type storm and that won't bring much in the way of moisture, but could bring in some light snow showers farther off to the east of here and cooler temperatures for the bay area. we are looking at a nice, warm start to the weekend. the first half of the weekend looks nice. highs in the low 70s up to 66 degrees in san francisco. and nothing but sunshine all day long. but then we start to see some clouds mixing in on sunday. 70 degrees in the north bay. while we do have some lower 60s in san francisco. we'll bring those temperatures down just a few more degrees, but, overall, a nice weekend ahead. now, mike's tracking what's happening on the san mateo bridge. anything going on? >> nothing but thing commute. that's great news for folks traveling northbound. high rise, you see eastbound coming towards us and map shows you the same thing. for anywhere north of there, we see the typical build. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. the crash getting away from the
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richmond san rafael bridge. no slowing there as you make your way from 580 over towards 101. we move the map down and a smooth flow for the rest of the bay and fri-y and san jose slowing for northbound 101 and catch that up in palo alto. no problem for the peninsula, guys. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. california could play a critical role in the race for the white house after all. coming up next, the new numbers that show which way voters here are swaying, for now. a war of words between donald trump and ted cruz and their wives. i'm tracie potts, more on that next. coming up on "today" all of the overnight developments in the intense manhunt in the brussels massacre. we're learning how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before tuesday's attack. also ahead. a warning if you think you're get rid of your old computer or phone. how anyone can still access your personal information, even if you think you erased it. those stories plus we are throwing a big, fat, "today"
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wedding live and unlike anything you have ever seen. we promise when we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today." got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. is.
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save lives every day and now here is more proof of that. a quick-thinking mountain view police officer.
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>> 2-year-old eduardo oin the middle with his father on the side. last monday eduardo started choking and stopped breathing and parents called for help. the officer showed up and the second he saw the boy his instincts kicked in. >> l >> laid him on the ground and gave him a couple rescue breaths. >> the boy suddenly blinked and gasped for air. eduardo is back home and doing just fine. cute little grin there. turning to decision 2016, anything in politics looking more like california will play a key role in this primary election cycle. the poll shows who voters want as president. on the gop side, donald trump in the lead with 38% of the voters. ted cruz in second with 27%. john kasich in the third spot with 14%. now, on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a close race. clinton has 48% of the votes, sanders right behind at 41%. we vote as californians on june
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7th with 172 delegates up for grabs for the republicans and 117 for democrats. the presidential campaign is getting even more personal, believe it or not. a war of words now between donald trump and ted cruz and the targets are their wives. >> "today in the bay" trace pots is live in washington, d.c. trump just tweeted hours ago something about a picture and the wives. good morning. >> good morning. then we heard the response from ted cruz and saw it on twitter this morning saying donald real men don't attack women. he was responding to this. overnight a new retweet from donald trump comparing trump's wife with heidi cruz. cruz calls the attack gutter politics. >> for donald to go after heidi i think is despicable. and it reveals a lot about his character. >> we will not stoop to the level of donald trump. >> these sort of personal things are way out of bounds. >> reporter: trump first tweeted he "spilled the beans" about
6:25 am
heidi cruz after an anti-trump super pac ran this ad featuring her handcuffed and naked from a photo shoot. >> the group that created the ad claims that trump had been going after cruz's wife. >> his campaign has been calling numerous reporters and talking about supposed criminal and mental issues. >> reporter: meantime, bernie sanders just wrapped a late-night rally in los angeles. >> if we win the california primary with a decent vote, we're going to give up to the white house! >> reporter: hillary clinton talking national security. >> how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out. >> reporter: denouncing trump's wall as ineffective against terrorists. so, tonight, we'll actually see hillary clinton in l.a. and in southern california. bernie sanders who was there last night heads up to washington state. it's the same thing that he can win along with california if he
6:26 am
says he does well here. he thinks he has a shot at this nomination. >> in a race that has seen a lot of pucukular attacks already. keep creating a new standard. thank you very much, tracie potts live from washington, d.c. 6:26. special honor for a bay area officer killed in the line of duty coming up. the steps san jose is taking this morning to make sure people in the city always remember name, officer michael. i'm steve handelsman inles where police this morning fear there may be another strike in the works. they're looking for the myst mysterious man in white. i'll have that story coming up. i'm kris sanchez in the newsroom. san francisco police take a stabbing suspect into custody after a nearly nine-hour standoff without using force. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail
6:27 am nbc bay area, we investigate. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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good morning. it's thursday, march 24th. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the sun is coming up over the bay area. >> a beautiful afternoon, sam and laura. starting out with cool temperatures and mostly clear skies. it is 45 degrees in the north
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bay. so much better in the south bay. and up to 68 degrees in san francisco and the east bay 73 degrees and also 73 in the tri-valley. let's get an update on what's happening in the tri-valley. a few clouds rolling in, mike. >> one good cloud right here. the one that lights up and that's now blocked. we just saw it a couple seconds ago. these folks are driving through and you see good spacing between the lights, but visibility of the roadway a problem. look at your map, we don't have a problem for the speed sensors but i'll track that and let you know if it becomes too much of an issue for drivers. thursday typical commute a little build over here and more traffic towards the castro valley wide and we zoom the map out and bay bridge toll plaza metering light is on and the south bay commute just starts. back to you. at 6:30, an update to breaking news we have been following. police say a man stabbed his wife then hid out inside a san
6:31 am
francisco home leading to a nearly nine-hour long standoff. >> all of this happening on underwood avenue. "today in the bay" sanchez joining us from our newsroom. kris, authorities just took that suspect into custody 2 1/2 hours ago. >> still being processed as we speak. this really was an exercise in patience both for the folks in that neighborhood which was a lockdown and for the responding officers. someone called 911 last nighting a suicidal man was threatening himself and others. that person turned out to be his wife. all of this happening in the bay view district home just after 6:30 last night. now, when officers arrived, they found a woman who was rushed to sf general with a stab wound to her upper body. she is going to be okay, but as he was being treated, that suspect remained barricaded in his home threatening to hurt himself or others. but rather than go in the sfpd called in the tactical unit to secure the neighborhood and call in the hostage negotiators.
6:32 am
after nine hours, those negotiators convinced the suspect to surrender and officers went in to arrest him. >> the last thing you want to do is endanger our officers and put them at risk and going inside a situation where, you know, they just could be potential harm to them and to the individual. >> now, in the end, the suspect was brought out in a wheelchair, loaded into an ambulance in a tweet the commanding officer as the sfpd bay view station wrote, great job by those officers. now, for the folks who live in the bay view neighborhood, the shelter in place has been lifted. traffic should be back to normal this morning. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. happening today a special honor for san francisco police officer michael johnson. he was shot and killed while on duty one year ago today. >> in just a few hours, laura, the city is going to officially dedicate a major stretch of highway 87 to the fallen officer. "today in the bay" bob redell
6:33 am
joining us live from san jose this morning. bob, sure to be a very emotional day for that community as this highway had a special place in the hearts of this family. >> it did. this special stretch of highway was special to the johnson family, sam and laura. they tell "the mercury news" that michael johnson before he was an officer used to ride on the stretch of roadway while it was under construction in 1990. on his bicycle with his mother. later this morning, a special dedication ceremony at 10:00, the san jose police department will dedicate this stretch of highway 87. we're talking about the stretch between interstate 280 and highway 85. they will dedicate it at the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. the new name will be posted on signs that will soon go up alongside the road. this is to honor officer johnson who, if you'll recall, was killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. he and his fellow officers responding to reports of a suicidal man who was armed at an
6:34 am
apartment complex on center road in san jose that man shot and killed officer johnson. the suspect was killed when another officer returned fire. and it take a state legislature resolution to name this section after officer johnson with the city of san jose putting up the money for the sign. again, the dedication ceremony taking place later this morning at 10:00 at the parkway police substation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." turning now to our continuing coverage out of brussels. this where hundreds are still gatheringing to move forward and comfort each other from this latest terror and violence that's rocked europe. >> steve handelsman live in brussels this morning and, steve, we're learning more suspects to be on the run. >> that's right. laura and sam. this is downtown brussels. again, the area where so many people from this nation that is in grief now come to express
6:35 am
that grief. been a moment of silence just a short time ago to remember the 31 people killed. 270 at least. some say over 300 people injured in the attack. there is grief here and there is also some level of fear that there might be other attacks because the police, frankly, are giving out mixed messages. they're looking for one possibly escaped terrorist. maybe more. and the fear here is there could be more attacks. as people, again, today in brussels gathered to mourn those lost this week, while police looked for a suspected terrorist on the loose. the man in white and many others who helped kill 31 innocent people. in a series of raids, police have found explosives, weapons and the links that they had earlier missed between the paris attacks last year and the secret terror cell in belgium.
6:36 am
najim laachraoui, too. he was the bombmaker in belgium and in paris, working with salah abdeslam who planned to join this week's attack sources said until he was arrested for the paris attack. ibrahim and his brother khalid had violent criminal records in belgium. the turkish government said it deported ibrahim and warned police in brussels he was a militant. >> the belgian security forces are not regarded as the best in europe and this will be another wake-up call. >> reporter: but belgians are resilient. >> only thing we can do is just go ahead and business as usual. >> reporter: while police race to stop any more loss of life. and, again, today police say besides the mysterious man in white who they say are still
6:37 am
looking for without putting out publicly any identification, they probably would if their history to give as much information about people they're looking for by name, photographs, if they know it to get the public's help. the prezumption is they don't know who that guy is. the fear here is that if any of these surviving terrorists can, they will attack, again. from brussels, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> no doubt a very unnerving time. steve handelsman reporting live from brussels. thank you very much, steve. so many people on edge. is expected in court. salah abdeslam was arrested last week. many experts believe that capture could be related to the brus attack. today in court french officials will try to extradite him back to pairs to stand trial. 130 people were killed in those attacks in paris last november. a san francisco police officer once investigated for an
6:38 am
allegedual assault now accused of severaler crimes. jason lay is charged with illegally possessing information on suspects' criminal histories and misusing confidential dmv records. he is now on unpaid administrative leave. last month he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he took out on a date. but investigators couldn't find any evidence to charge the officer. an arrest in a highway shooting in concord. police arrested canto. during the investigation officers identified the 18-year-old as the driver of the suspect car. cano is a drug member. authorities say it is not related to the seven freeway shootings happening recently. new guidelines from the u.s. coast guard as commercial grab season finally getting cracking. crab season has been on hold ever since last fall. that, of course, due to toxic algae bloom that left bay area dungeness crab unsafe to eat.
6:39 am
all that changes on saturday when commercial boats get their first chance to cast. it is the deadliest of all commercial fishing jobs. denver is thawing out this morning. live pictures. several feet of snow piled high on the mile high city that sun will probably help them this morning. blizzard-like conditions. winds up to 50 miles an hour bringing the city to a standstill yesterday. some areas saw 18s in snow. that storm system moving over the midwest and northeast bringing snow to those regions. had to shut down their airport there. >> it looks scary. if you can get there once the airport reopens. the skiing would be amazing. >> a lot of powder. >> talking a lot about tahoe. how about going to vail right now. although a lot of sun out there, melting quickly. >> a lot of snow pack on the
6:40 am
ground here in the sierra. and in the bay area, we start out with some cool temperatures this morning as you head out, but we'll have a very pleasant afternoon. here's a look at your lunchtime temperature. wae will mostly be in the mid-60s and then heading into the 70s in the south bay. the north bay and the tri-valley. in the east bay, we're up to 69 degrees as you ride home and san francisco 67. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast. i'll help you make some weekend plans coming up. let's head to the bay bridge now with mike. >> kari, no surprise. good amount of traffic westbound towards san francisco and smooth flow. there is the span itself and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza that you'll expect. through richmond, san pablo and a crash and sounds like everything is off of the shoulder and that could be a trouble spot and i'm tracking that closely. the rest of your bay, the north bay, for example, on this map. as we widen out our shot. east bay. typical patterns hayward and san mateo bridge picking up the westbound traffic and 101 northbound shows a good amount
6:41 am
of traffic starting to build here. back to you. >> thanks, mike a very familiar theme across the bay area right now. more people becoming victims of the housing crisis. we are live as low-income residents in the south bay are being told to move. and it is just official. there is a takeover attempt at yahoo!. bring you the latest on that and also let's take you out to the nyse and big board. dow industrials down 82 points and this the last day of trading for the week.
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welcome back, everyone. the flight attendant accused of leaving behind nearly 70 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on
6:44 am
luggage is now in jail. she flashed her jet blue i.d. at a security checkpoint on friday but after she was randomly selected for a second screening, she took off running. officials say she somehow got on a jetblue flight to the east bay the next day and eventually surrendered in new york. b.a.r.t. facing criticism for handing out bonuses to employees. the transit agency said it needed more money to fix the aging tracks. set to receive $1,000 bonus because ridership is up. b.a.r.t. says the bonuses are a critical incentives for hard-working employees. workers also received more than $3 million in bonuses last year. the bonuses are part of the current labor contract that was signed in 2013. right now it's a very difficult situation for san jose city leaders. a new high rise development promising to house hundreds and usher in new retail space and the low-income people that live there now suddenly facing a
6:45 am
deadline to move out. >> paolo reyes is live isan jose where residents say they'll need some help. >> they need help to pay for relocation expenses and now a councilman on their side. the district councilman yesterday and they asked him for help to pay for moving expenses after they received the news last week that the city has give on the green light to the owner of this contract real estate to build a 600-unit new residential complex that would replace their rent unit. they are angry at this news and they say they need help. >> some people this is rent controlled. 216 units, which may be 500 people are looking for more low-income housing. >> reporter: and the city will receive $1.8 million in a bonus from the developer to top the new transportation improvements
6:46 am
in this area. they also need health incentives and the proposal on april 19th and other residents displaced by new developments in the city of san jose. >>, paola. we know how tough the housing market has been and some commercial real estate market starting. >> we're talking offices. homes and apartments are still outrageous in san francisco, but commercial real estate, the leasing of office space may be under some pressure this morning. we're seeing companies like twitter subleasing this space. that is they're leasing out their own offices to other companies and that is a sign they have too much floor space themselves and they've got to get rid of it a study this morning says office subleasing in san francisco is up the highest it's been since 2010. empty space is one thing that we'll look for when we look for signs of a slow down. big news in sunny vale this
6:47 am
morning. man the barricades and activist investor starboard value has nominated a brand-new board for yahoo!. starboard will take that slate to the shareholders in june for a vote. if they win, you can expect a lot of execs will be out at yahoo!. and as i first reported thursday, virgin america shares are up on rumors the biggest investors are looking to sell the airline. investors like the british based company run by richard branson. apparently looking to get out of virgin, virgin turned the profit and if you're an investor, you're never going to get crazy rich on this stock price and nobody got crazy rich from airline dividends ever. the only way that anybody will make money if you're one of those big investors is to sell and it looks like they are at least looking into that. >> get crazy rich. >> investors calling the shots, no surprise. scott mcgrew, thank you very much. you know they say you have
6:48 am
to dance the tango in argentina. >> guess who was up for the challenge? our president. there he is. you'll see his moves momentarily. very elegant. this was during the official state dinner yesterday. >> he's pretty good. >> i don't see him stepping on anyone's feet there. the first lady also follow, following his historic trip to cuba. if you're wondering where is the firsty. there she is appearing on the other side your screen. threw down some other moves around the dance floor there. some right now speculating that the obamas are really auditioning for "dancing with the stars." >> no big dips. he didn't follow through with the dip there. >> i mean, we saw free style rapping and now he's doing tango. what can the man not do? >> big rose in your mouth for that one. >> yeah. exactly like the bachelor. middle of the dance right now, as well. march madness and our weather is
6:49 am
beautiful. >> the roses are blooming out there. >> everything is all coming up roses in spring. kari hall has a look at your microclimate forecast this morning. >> everything is blooming and i'm sneezing. you're probably sneezing, too. a look at that pollen forecast. we're looking now at all the microclimates. 48 degrees in the peninsula. 44 degrees in the east bay and san francisco. 51 degrees. let's drop in on the east bay now where it's 47 degrees now castro valley and fremont 44 degrees and 43 degrees now in pleasanton. a cool start to the day. so, make sure you have some long sleeves and then you'll need short sleeves later on today. absolutely gorgeous. highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s today and we are above average for the end of march. up to 74 degrees in santa rosa and brentwood and san ramon today a high of 71 degrees. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we only have a few more days of highs in the 70s before it drops back into the 60s and feel nice, too. our winds coming in from the
6:50 am
north, northwest. this afternoon at about 15 miles an hour, look along the coast. it will be a little bit more gusty there at half moon bay. the winds kicking up to 25 miles per hour there and mostly calm overnight. so, all of that wind, once again, blowing around lots of tree pollen and it's mostly oak at this point. also mulberry and ash and high levels of those allergens and a low amount of mold floating through, as well. a change in our weather pattern the next few days. we have this high pressure keeping it warm and also bringing in those northwesterly winds as you see that clockwise flow around that high pressure. the jet stream carries those low-pressure systems and some of the showers that is keeping it to the north, but then as this drops in, we may miss out on some of that rain with this being more of an interior storm, coming in from the west. but mostly dropping in from the north. that will bring in some cooler temperatures here and also may bring in some light sierra snow. so, we'll be watching this to
6:51 am
start out the week. otherwise we will have some nice weather and looking at a beautiful saturday. a lot of sunshine, highs in low to mid-70s. we will drop those temperatures down a few degrees on sunday. thanks to a mixture of a few more clouds in here and a high of 63 degrees in san francisco. 70 degrees in the north bay. if you're heading towards the bay bridge, mike has a heads up. >> yeah, kari, the camera trained on what it looks like it was the source of the slowing and moves smoother. we hear about a fender bender somewhere across that span heading towards treasure island. again, traffic flow, again, moving smoothly on our live camera, but a bridge crew will confirm that once they make their way across the. the map will show you what we're talking about. and the slow down and maybe already slowed down the metering lights and better flow of traffic for the east shore freeway and crash at san pablo and towards richmond and both cleared to the shoulder. the rest of your bay moves well. typical build for the east bay and a stall reported somewhere
6:52 am
around 82 and the nimitz showing a typical slow and no problem for the tri-valley or south bay. starting from castle expressway over towards the airport from 101 and 101 at palo alto and more traffic flow here and not a big problem. in and out of san francisco and the peninsula looks great. back to you. >> let's hope it stays that way. 6:52. an update to breaking news out of san francisco. a violent, intense morning as the stabbing suspect holds himself up inside a home causing police to shut down a neighborhood. and i'm stephanie chuang live in our contra costa newsroom with the arrest on the so-called bearded banded linked to a dozen bay area bank robberies. how did police catch their guy? we have that coming up in a live report. i'm bob redell live in the south bay with a special recognition for san jose police officer killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. that story, coming up.
6:53 am
and happening right now at 6:52. some people say the san franciscoing overrun by coyotes. today park and rec staffers will try to ease those concerns. a news crew heading to the meeting and also look for updates in our twitter feed. maybe you just saw that story. president obama cutting a rug on the dance floor in argentina much to laura's delight. if you can't get enough of that tango, see more at our website and the links to all his moves on our facebook page.
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6:56 am
welcome back. good thursday morning to you. one last check of today's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in a few minutes. >> kris sanchez tracking breaking news for us. kris? >> a nine-hour standoff ended this morning and hostage negotiation team. someone called 911 to a bay view home at 6:40 last night. when officers arrived, they found the man's wife with a stab wounds to her upper body. she's going to be okay, but that man remains barricaded inside threatening to hurt himself or others. that's when sfpd called in theage negotiators. >> the last thing we want to do is endanger our officers and put them at risk and going inside a situation where, you know, could
6:57 am
be potential harm to them and to the individual. >> in the end the suspect was brought out in a wheelchair and loaded into an ambulance and tweet commanding officer of the bay view station and negotiations and great job by the officers. the lock down in that neighborhood is back to normal. kris sanchez "today in the bay." i'm bob redell. live here in san jose where in just a few hours the city and state will rename this stretch of highway 87 between 280 and highway 85. the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. this is to honor officer johnson who, if you'll recall, was killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. he and his fellow officers were responding to reports of an armed suicidal man in an apartment complex on center road. that man shot and killed officer johnson. the suspect was killed when another officer returned fire. this stretch of highway 87 is special to the johnson family. officer johnson's mother tells
6:58 am
"mercury news" that her and her son road their bicycles on it when it was being constructed in the 1990s. the dedication ceremony taking place a little bit later this morning at 10:00 at the great oaks parkway police substation. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." i'm stephanie chuang' after 11 robberies in five weeks the man police believe is the so-called bearded bandit is behind bars this morning. thanks to a tip from a caller from the bay area who says he spotted the man he recognized from images on local news and it tipped off police last night. before officers made the arrest as far north as sacramento and santa clara and the bank robbery in fremont to most recently this past monday. the fbi says the man had the same routine giving the teller a written demand and never threatening to have nor show a
6:59 am
weapon before making a calm exit. we are expecting more details from local police later this morning. live in our contra costa newsroom. stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> a look at weather and traffic. so nice outside, people will be out and you guys heard this, kari challenged me to basketball. do lalt one-on-one. not a question of if, but where. >> we'll see. we'll pick the spot and we'll see how those splashes of threes come raining down. it will be a beautiful day. we're talking 70s all across the bay area. >> yes, i know. >> air ball. >> air ball. all right. >> let's get a look out there. check on that bay bridge. the crash and that span moves smoothly westbound. looks all right and another span the san mateo bridge saw the truck going across and no stopping for that tow truck. a pleasant drive there. the clouds. the fog has cleared from our camera shot still hovering the deck and 50 moves well through
7:00 am
the tri-valley. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> a live shot from san francisco and little bit of fog in the air there. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight, new raids in brussels as the manhunt for suspects intensifies, so far no arrests as we learn just how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before the attack. out of bounds? donald trump escalates his feud with ted cruz overnight retweeting an insult directed at cruz's wife. the senator responds to the heated rivalry reaching a new low. whiteout, a powerful spring blizzard roaring into the midwest this morning after burying parts of the colorado, highs closed, drivers stranded, denver's airport shut down for the first time in a decade.


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